Utah DanceSport Challenge Summary

In it's first year ever, The Utah DanceSport Challenge (UDC) had high expectations.  It's the second  competition in the state to be sanctioned by the National Dance Council of America (NDCA), meaning it's official. 

For years, BYU has remained the only official ballroom event in a state where ballroom is one of the most popular sports for the rising generation!  And that's where UDC comes in.

NDCA rules, NDCA judges, with a nice big NDCA regulation size floor!

The morning was full of syllabus events, as Utah's youth showcase their blossoming talent

Then things got smooth.

many moments of victory

Quality was elevated to a whole new level when Formation team events were held.  BYU Youth dominated both the Latin and Ballroom events, and put on quite the show.  Timing, formations, and creativity were impeccable.

Sparkles and Dazzles were all around when the ballroom events took the floor.  The dresses were fancy and the talent was top notch.

Champions were crowned

Then it was time to spice up the night, with the latin categories.  Competitors from Pre-teen, Junior, Youth, Pre-champ, and Amateur filled the many events offered, and the talent was strong.


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After a full day with non stop excitement and action, the first annual Utah DanceSport Challenge, the newest and most exciting NDCA competition in Utah, came to a close.

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