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2014 Ballroom Dance Team Portraits<br />
Lee Wakefield <br />
Dance Department<br />
Taken September 5, 2014<br />
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September 5, 2014<br />
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Photo by Sydney Tittle/BYU<br />
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BYU Photo, Photographer - 3 years, June 2013 - June 2016. Mark Philbrick, Jaren Wilkey: (801) 422-7322

-  Effectively communicated with clients, management, and my peers on a daily basis, fulfilling needs and providing exceptional customer service; totaling 3 years of general client service experience.

-  Worked efficiently as a team of award winning photographers to produce quality products.

-  Learned and developed under the direction of the top 2 university photographers in the USA.

-  Developed effective problem solving skills in situations demanding immediate creative solutions.

-  Gained strong organizational and time management skills with media orders on strict time demands.

-  Proficient with various methods of lighting including 3 point studio lighting and on-site lighting.  

-  Expertly Skilled with:

            - Software/Hardware: Photoshop, Camera Raw, Photo Mechanic, Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, iMac’s, Macbooks, PC’s, Nikon scanners, utilizing FTP, social media marketing, Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint), Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Cyberduck, and iMovie, Einstein lights/equipment.

            -  Cameras: Canon 1D X Mark II, 1D X, 5DS, and 5D Mark III in any situation.

            -  Lenses: 600mm, 500mm, 400mm, 200-400mm, 300mm, 70-200mm, 24-105mm, 24-70mm, 16-35mm, 85mm F/1.2, 35 F/1.2, 11-14mm, Tilt Shift.

-  Totaled: 208,336 frames, 420 hours shooting, 307 shoots, 66 shoots assisted, 78 assisting hours

-  Rebuilt our video marketing; directing, editing, and producing 11 films, totaling over 48,200 views.

Wells Fargo, Teller - 1 year, August 2011 - August 2012. Heather Randall: (801) 885-7570

-  Excelled in explaining complex banking strategies to sell customers on products.

-  Developed self-motivation to be the best teller in the branch, which I achieved 1 month into the job.

-  Acquired a deep desire to be financially smart and successful, igniting my love for finance.

-  Rose to the top 1% in teller sales for my branch, zone, state of Utah, then the western USA.

Cedarwood Arabian Farms, Pooper Scooper - 4 years, 2004 - 2008. Kathy Linford: (801) 225-8991

-  At a young age, I learned the value of hard work by scooping horse manure and cleaning stalls.

-  Learned how to work independently in a changing environment of rain, sun, and snow.


BYU Emergency Medical Services, EMT - 1 year, August 2014 - August 2015

-  Sought to strengthen the community by providing first aid assistance and helping patients in life threatening situations.

LDS Church, Missionary - 2 years, May 2009 - May 2011 - Brazil, Goiânia

-  Learned strong communication skills to persuasively teach complex material in a foreign language.

-  Became the leader for 60+ missionaries, leading the group to be the most successful in the mission.

Provo City, Little League Baseball Coach - 1 season, 2008

-  As a first time coach I developed strong relationship management skills to lead a team of 15+ rowdy kids with minimal baseball experience to become championship contenders within 1 season.


Brigham Young University, BS Exercise Science - 2008-2009, 2011-2016

Skills and Honors

-  Fluent in Portuguese.

-  4 time member of the US Ballroom Dance formation national champions, 1 time British champion.

-  Adept with PC’s, Macs, Adobe creative suite, Microsoft office (Excel, Powerpoint, Word).

-  Eagle scout, Timberline Leadership participant and staff member.

(801) 472-1642 - 737 W 100 N #11, Provo, Ut 84601 - toddfwakefield@gmail.com

Click to obtain PDF:  Resume

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